Dolphin Marine : About Us

Dolphin Marine is an established company (now in its 20th year) with a proven track record for quality, reliability & performance in the marine industry. Our wealth of experience enables us to constantly introduce a variety of leading edge, versatile and innovative marine electronic products into the marketplace.

Our extensive range includes: Marine Fire/Bilge Detection Systems, Marine Intruder Alarms, Onboard & Multi-level Monitoring Systems, Marine Trackers, Marine CCTV Docking Equipment, Multi-Voltage DC Lighting Dimmers, Multi-Voltage DC Lighting Controllers, Infrared repeater system, Crew Caller, Marine Intercom, Illuminated Yacht Signs, and Illuminated Tables.

We are always willing to try and provide solutions to any marine related electronic requirement no matter how large or small. Please feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss any such requirement you or your clients may have. Meanwhile I hope you will find this website and its products of interest.